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How we pay you!
10 Reasons to sell your gold today!
The amount we pay for your unwanted gold or other precious metals depends on the quality and quantity of the gold you send in.

1. To get paid historic prices for your gold

2. To sell broken gold or jewelry that's just sitting around

3. To pay for a bill or loan

4. To get money to fix something around the house

5. To pay for an anniversary gift or dinner

6. To fix your car or make a car payment

7. To pay for a birthday present for you or a loved one

8. To save money to purchase gifts during the holidays

9. To pay for school supplies

10. Did we mention getting paid historic prices!!!

Throughout history gold has always been known for keeping its value. It's for these reasons that during hard times the price of gold increases. As we all know, for the last few years we have all seen our economy go through some hard times. As a result the price of gold has increased, allowing you, the gold owner to sell your gold at historically high prices!

Today, you can sell all of your gold, jewelry, watches, silver and other precious metals to Citi Gold Buyers for the highest prices paid! We have 9 locations conveniently throughout Florida and South Carolina to best serve you.

Why it's a great time to sell your gold!
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